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Lover of travel, photography, good eats, blogs, fashion, laughing, doggies, & oh so much more. Living each day with a passion for life and a hunger for adventure.

Hang Tight!

Hi! You may have noticed a slow turn out of posts in these last couple weeks, and that the blog is looking a little different with that black header. Rather than just go radio silent on this pause in posting and … Continue reading

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Hello March! + Links I’m Loving

I think this is going to be a pretty exciting month…it actually already has proven to be. This morning, Eric found out he passed the first of two tests he needs to get his professional engineering license! Beyond proud. His hard work … Continue reading

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You Really Can Have It All

  Hi! Remember me?? Well, that week without a post flew by. I can’t promise it won’t happen again. Life has been busy the last few days, and I’ve been feeling the effects of the go, go, go once I … Continue reading

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Currently 2.19

This week’s Currently coming at ya a little later than I would’ve hoped…but better late than never, right?? If you’re new to the blog, you can check out my first post in this series here. 🙂 Happy Weekend, folks! {Reading … Continue reading

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Tacos + Laughs = Ideal Valentine’s

Now I didn’t want to make a post all about our Valentine’s Day, but Eric and I did some of our favorite things at two awesome Chicago spots, so I had to share and encourage you all to go check them out! These … Continue reading

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Currently 2.12

We did it again, made it to Friday, YAY. I don’t know about you guys, but this has been one long week with some big stuff  wrapping up at work! Those tail ends of projects are always so chaotic, but … Continue reading

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My Top Super Bowl Commercials

Superbowl Sunday is basically advertising’s biggest event of the year. Marketers and agencies spend months and millions in preparation, all in hopes for a spot on TV that snags the attention of everyone. Did you know the average Super Bowl V commercial … Continue reading

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Michigan Getaway

In mid-January, I checked another state off my list when the Chicago fam made our way to the little town of Charlevoix in northern Michicagn. Becca’s dad owns a cabin up in some [currently] knee-high snowy hills, surrounded by big trees … Continue reading

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Currently 2.5

Hi friends! If you missed my first post in this new Currently series I’m giving a go – check it out here. Otherwise, diving into the things I’ve been loving this week and want to share with you – Eating … Continue reading

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Hand Lettering

So last Friday on the first post of a “Currently” series I think I’m going to start doing, I mentioned that lately one thing I’ve been looking to dive into is calligraphy. After some additional research and chatting with people on where to … Continue reading

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