How to Create a Fresh & Clean Space

How to Create a Fresh & Clean Space

I knew in my new Chicago apartment, I wanted my space to have a light and fresh feel to it.   I didn’t have to buy a ton of new things to get this look, a few key pieces – and a little DIY craft I’m sharing today – I think really helped do the trick!

When I first settled in, the walls still felt a little bare because I needed to figure out a place for everything. There were a couple wall art pieces I felt didn’t really go in the room, so I decided to get crafty. I saved myself some money by making a tassel garland to hang above my bed, rather than purchasing the similar one I had originally loved on Etsy. I used this tutorial I found on Pinterest, it’s great!

How To Create a Fresh & Clean Space

How To Create a Fresh & Clean Space

This project isn’t hard by any means, it just takes time. All together, it definitely took me a few hours, but that was my perfect excuse to sprawl out all my things in our living room and have a Grey’s Anatomy marathon.

I am in love with my new white comforter. I had been wanting one forever now, and I knew this big move was the perfect excuse to finally change it up and make the purchase. It’s a Shabby Chic duvet cover from Target – I can’t seem to hunt this exact one down, but see similar here and here.

How To Create a Fresh & Clean Space

The other big items I purchased are at my desk. This beauuutiful chair I’m obsessed with from Marshalls and this big mirror, once again from the best place of all time, Target. The fan I have above it is from my trip to Madrid this summer, and I’m so glad I realized what pretty wall art it would be. A small purchase I am very pleased with?? This cute little cactus family I couldn’t resist at Trader Joe’s. Their floral department is right there at the front every time and I can rarely resist.

How To Create a Fresh & Clean Space

How To Create a Fresh & Clean Space

How To Create a Fresh & Clean Space

How To Create a Fresh & Clean Space

Spot the Texas in this photo…miss you Whataburger. Also, this blue gem of an elephant I snagged at Marshalls. I love elephants and this color, so it was a win win. Another easy way to brighten up a white space is by hanging up frames that allow for multiple photos! Your pictures naturally have lots of colors throughout and you get to have the your people all over the place.

How To Create a Fresh & Clean Space

How To Create a Fresh & Clean Space

I still have all of my other furniture pieces from Austin, I love dark wood. The wood and white throughout the room is really what gives it the clean feeling I was going for! I, of course, still needed little pops of color throughout though, which is what the garland, cactus, and other wall art or little decor pieces help with. Aside from adding brightness, they’re fun ways to show off personality.

What do ya think of the space?? No matter what vibe you’re going for, I realized it can be done on a great budget by purchasing just a few key pieces, getting crafty, and adding low cost decor throughout!


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