Home Sweet Texas

One of my new favorite pieces of art to go up in my room.

One of my new favorite pieces of art to go up in my room.

Today marks Day 3 back in the wonderful Lone Star State. It has been good to be home with no schedule and lots of doggy snuggles. I miss Chicago terribly, but knowing there is the potential that I’ll return in a year made leaving a little easier! And thanks to Snapchat of course, the roomies and I can keep up the ridiculousness.

I am so thankful my mom came to help move me out. We got to have a great dinner celebrating a successful summer and she was such a help in wrapping up things at the apartment. Of course, we made everything fun – from trying to fit all my belongings into five suitcases to arriving early at the gate and somehow being last to board the plane. Anne and Becca couldn’t help but notice and giggle at how similar we are, and I have no complaints about that! I’m a lucky lady to have a woman like her by my side always.

Proof we are the same person.

Proof we are the same person.

First stop off the plane? Tex-Mex at Pappasitos. Real QUESO. Finally. And so many fajitas and tortillas. I was in Heaven and so happy to be sitting around a table, laughing at stories and catching my family up on the last few days of my time in the city.



How Gordo and I spent our first night reunited.

How Gordo and I spent our first night reunited.

The rest of my time so far has been so low key, just how I’d hoped. A short coffee visit with a lovely friend, lots of naps, House Hunters marathons, and tummy scratches for Gordo. I missed that cute pup a whole lot.

Tomorrow mom and I travel again. This time the trek will be the seven hour drive to Rio Grande City in South Texas to visit my sweet grandparents. Not looking forward to the even higher temperatures, but excited to spend time with two of the greatest people in the world.

Keeping this blog over the summer has been one of the coolest things I have ever done for myself. I am so glad I stuck to it and happy others were able to enjoy my adventures with me! All the support and visitors to my little space on the web have really meant so much. With the next couple weeks being the last of summer and then a hectic fall semester on deck, I know that even making the three posts a week goal I had for these past couple months will be challenging. That being said, I look forward to posting as regularly as possible still with my schedule, which I guess will be something I figure out along the way. There’s still so much in Austin I want to document and share so I’m looking forward to it!

Happy Monday everyone! Hope this week brings relaxation and time with loved ones.


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