Taking In The Beauty


One of my favorite things to do since being in Chicago is going for runs by Lake Michigan! I only have to walk a few blocks to reach a paved path right along the water and it is absolutely beautiful. Every time I get a mile out or so, I can’t help but stop and turn around to take in the scenery and breathe in the fresh air.

There are always so many people out – and lots of cute doggies – and on days when the weather is nice, it is pure bliss. I am definitely going to keep doing the best I can to take advantage of this treat that is literally right outside my door.


With such a busy week, I haven’t had time for much more exploration in the evenings since I come home exhausted. When I start to get really tired around 10:00 pm, I laugh at myself because I feel like an old woman. I did make time for a rare activity of mine a couple nights ago though – real cooking all by myself! My parents are so skilled in the kitchen, I have been spoiled all these years and unfortunately did not come away with all their talent. So, as you can imagine, I was pretty proud of my small accomplishment…since it was a pretty big one for me!


Yuuumm chicken & Hook ’em 🙂

I can’t believe Week 3 has come and gone, this is crazy. I’m working hard to make sure I soak up every moment in this beautiful city and am excited to check out some cool things around town this weekend with my roommates. Hope everyone has a happy Friday!


About Dayna Reyna

Lover of travel, photography, good eats, blogs, fashion, laughing, doggies, & oh so much more. Living each day with a passion for life and a hunger for adventure.
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2 Responses to Taking In The Beauty

  1. Tony Reyna says:

    Good job with this peaks. Really enjoy experiencing Chicago through you eyes. Love and proud of you. Love dad Thank you and best regards,

    Tony Reyna President Chief Executive Officer Reyna Macaluso Investment Solutions 281-221-5239


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